Salam Launches Saudi Transit Corridor in Strategic Alliance with GCX, Enhancing Global Connectivity

Salam Launches Saudi Transit Corridor in Strategic Alliance with GCX, Enhancing Global Connectivity

Riyadh, Saudi Arabia ** May 2024 – Salam, the fastest-growing and most innovative Saudi telecommunications brand, as recognized at the 2023 Global Brands Awards, is proud to announce a strategic partnership with GCX, the Middle East’s largest submarine cable operator, to inaugurate the Saudi Transit Corridor.

This new venture is set to revolutionize connectivity between Asia and Europe, showcasing a significant leap in global telecommunications infrastructure.

The Saudi Transit Corridor will provide diverse, hybrid subsea and terrestrial connectivity routes, leveraging both Salam’s extensive terrestrial network across Saudi Arabia and GCX’s robust multiple cable systems. This initiative arrives at a pivotal moment, responding to the demand for more secure and reliable communications routes. The corridor ingeniously circumvents the Bab Al Mandab strait, providing a stable and continuous connection for global communications, enhancing service reliability in key international channels.

Georges A. Jaber, VP of Wholesale and Carrier Relations at Salam, stated, “We are excited to unveil the Saudi Transit Corridor, a pioneering initiative that not only strengthens the connectivity between Asia and Europe but also exemplifies our commitment to innovation and customer satisfaction. This partnership with GCX leverages cutting-edge technology to ensure our customers enjoy robust, secure, and diversified routing options.”

Vineet Verma, GCX’s Global Head of Business Development, commented on the project: “We are very pleased to launch this corridor in partnership with our longstanding partner; Salam. With Salam, we are able to offer multiple route options to customers to provide diversity across traditional cable routes. We are confident that the route will be of interest to a number of customers, considering the current geopolitical situation.”

The corridor includes two primary routes: The first connects GCX’s FALCON cable system in Al Khobar to Jeddah, utilizing Salam’s expansive terrestrial fiber network in Saudi Arabia, and extends to Europe through Egypt on GCX’s Hawk cable system. The second route links Al Khobar directly to Jordan, incorporating GCX’s FALCON and FEA cable systems, enhancing route diversity and reliability.

This strategic initiative reinforces Salam’s position as a leader in the telecommunications industry, committed to delivering innovative solutions that meet the dynamic needs of global markets. Through this corridor, Salam continues to push the boundaries of what is possible in global telecommunications, driving forward connectivity and technological excellence.

About Salam

Salam is a leading telecommunications provider in Saudi Arabia, renowned for its innovative solutions and key contributions to the Kingdom’s digital transformation. Recognized as the most innovative Saudi telco brand in 2023, Salam is dedicated to pushing the boundaries of connectivity, cybersecurity, cloud, and emerging technology services to seamlessly connect people, businesses, and entities today and into the future.

About GCX

GCX, offers network services that power digital transformation for enterprises, new media providers, and telecoms carriers. We cover all aspects of cloud-centric connectivity, including managed SD-WAN and hybrid networks, network security management, and direct Cloud connections and 100 Gbps+ waves. With a pedigree going back 30+ years, GCX are experts in providing connectivity throughout Europe, Middle East, Asia and North America via the vast GCX subsea network (the world’s largest private submarine cable network), with extensions available into more than 200 countries worldwide. To learn more about GCX, follow us on Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter.