Managed Services



GCX Managed Services is a secure global network provider with over 30 years of industry experience connecting your users and devices to your core business applications with ease.

Our tailored solutions are available worldwide with over 140 nodes, delivering WAN, SD-WAN, Internet, Security and Cloud Voice services for mid to large-tier enterprises.

What’s in it for our customers?

A combination of our global SASE secured network coupled with a vast rage of access options including 4G & 5G. Implementations are supported both centrally from our global operations facility with local engineers in country.

We recognize that long term relationships are built on trust, accountability and adaptability, our ethos and customer engagement program is based around long term customer satisfaction, not just short term solutions.

In parallel to providing overlay and underlay services, we also have a very strong pedigree in managed services ranging from Managed Network with proactive monitoring to a full suite of managed security services including MDR and Incident Response.

We have the capability to optimize your existing MS Teams and Zoom applications by providing an enhanced Direct Routing as a Service to UC Connect to over 70 countries.

A full portfolio of services including Next Gen Firewall, MDR, DDoS, extending through to professional services like Incident Response, vCISO and Consulting services.

All of the above is underwritten with market leading SLA’s and flexible terms supported by our global customer operations and assurance team.

Our values

Customer first

Serving our customers is a privilege and at the centre of everything we do. Every business challenge is an opportunity to break the status quo and deliver best in class solutions and services.

People first

Our people bring the human touch to our solutions and services. Transparency, integrity and respect is part our culture.

Ownership first

See a problem, fix a problem and prevent recurrence and remediate is our modus-operandi to drive continuous improvement across our operations to allow a high level of customer and user experience.

Growth first

We believe growth comes from continuous investment in our people, our partnerships, our products and our tools.


Data Made Together

Data Made Together is one of the fundamental values for both our network and our customer designs.

It’s why the Service Level Agreements from GCX offer product options based on the resilience of a solution.


We can provide rapid scalability for customers, because GCX’s backbone networks are supported by our own fibre footprint.

That means we deliver solutions from modest bandwith internet access services, to Multi-Terabit systems and Fibre.


With every innovation in the way data is created and accessed, the result is essentially the same. The attack surface gets bigger, and vulnerabilities are exposed.

Data creation, transportation, analysis and storage, they all need data to be secure.


At GCX, we believe that Data Made Resilient is more than just a value; it’s a necessity in today’s digital landscape.

That’s why we offer a range of professional services to help you make your data resilient.


We do this by listening to our customers, and that means really listening, to understand the outcomes they want.

Then we propose only those solutions where our customers are given clear pros and cons to each solution, measured against those specific outcomes.