Leave your network management to the Professionals

Are you finding it challenging to manage your 24×7 Network operation with in-house staff? Are you struggling to balance your NOC support activities with driving your business’s growth and innovation? GCX’s  NOC Outsourcing services are designed to blend people, process, and technology to deliver optimal solutions, allowing you to focus on your core business objectives.


Curious about NOC Outsourcing? Discover how we can help support your operations, in this 2-minute explainer film, allowing you to focus your attention where it’s needed most. We break down the revolutionary features that help NOC Outsourcing blend people, process and technology to deliver optimal solutions.

Flexible NOC Services to Meet Your Needs

At GCX, we understand that different businesses require different levels of NOC services. That’s why we offer a range of NOC solutions, from augmenting your existing Network operation to a full NOC outsource. Our deep knowledge of global network and security solutions, backed by

over 20 years of experience operating global 24×7 NOC and SOC functions, allows us to deliver a fully integrated solution that covers not only standard NOC processes but also broader areas such as Quality and Problem Management, Service Delivery, and third-party performance management.

Smooth Transition

We know that transitioning from in-house NOC to partnered NOC can be risky, which is why we have a dedicated transition team to ensure a seamless process. Our team conducts a thorough assessment of your requirements, benchmarks your current NOC, maps system integrations, documents processes, builds teams, and imparts necessary skills and training. This approach de-risks your NOC partnering decisions and ensures that the goals of NOC partnering are achieved.

Governance and reporting

Strong governance is fundamental to the success of any NOC partnering. That’s why we provide a tiered set of governance meetings built around an agreed cadence and peer-to-peer stakeholder management. Our reporting suite is transparent and acted upon by both parties.

Continual Optimization

Once the NOC transition has occurred, we initiate a run phase to perfect ticket flows, clarify ownership demarcation and set the service. Ticket flows are monitored to ensure that service volumes are in line with the original scope. Our quarterly assessment of changes to volume banding and cost-benefit analysis of any process or technical improvements ensures that our customers can de-risk their NOC partnering decisions.

Seamless Handover

If you’re looking to ultimately transfer the NOC back to yourself at the end of the agreement, we work with you throughout the lifecycle to ensure that a clear transfer plan is documented and provide assistance at the end of the contract.


At GCX, we provide a flexible range of global services, from assisting you in delivering and supporting your own NOC to providing a fully managed outsource service. Our expert consultants can assist you every step of the way, adhering to best practices and standards wherever possible. With our global presence, we can deliver and support your NOC services whenever and wherever you need them.