Managed detection and response (mdr)

Peace of Mind Through Proactive Security


In today’s digital world, businesses are facing an expanding attack surface with less central control. GCX MDR helps improve threat visibility by providing targeted and timely telemetry for reliable detection, investigation, and response. Our solution adapts to your business to deliver quality cybersecurity that is always improving.

Fearless in the face of cyber threats

Sophisticated behavioural and machine learning-driven threat protection

Extensive detection and prevention of ransomware, zero-day exploits, privilege escalation, and more

Signature-less threat protection with no daily updates required

Light incident response for threat containment and remediation

Attack timeline visibility and context for easy identification of infection points

Business Security

GCX MDR provides a comprehensive solution to secure your entire business against today’s threats, including:

Around the clock, 24/7 Managed Detection and Response

Tailored Threat Hunting & Threat Intelligence

Security Orchestration, Automation, and Response (SOAR)

Business Defense in Depth Assessment, Plan, and Roadmap

Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR)

Global CSOC Services

Our Global CSOC team provides round-the-clock threat monitoring, hunting, intelligence, and response services, including:

Expert threat hunters working for you 24/7

Augmenting your in-house resources for improved efficiency

Real-time threat correlation and attack attribution

Containment of threats and remediation of endpoints

Over 40 threat intelligence sources tracked and correlated

Investigation and situational awareness of endpoint activity

Proactive notification and actionable alerts to reduce alert fatigue

Cloud Architecture

Our cloud-based MDR architecture provides comprehensive security with reduced overhead, friction, and cost, including:

Turnkey solution with fast and easy deployment

Immediate time to value with no hardware, software, or configurations required

Rapid scalability through our cloud-based platform

Complete protection for Windows, Mac OSX, and Linux even when off the network

The gcx difference

GCX provides a flexible range of global services, from self-build network support to fully managed outsourcing. Our solutions are backed by expert consultants who assist on every step of your data journey with best practice and standards-led approaches.