Data Made Scalable

Data Made Scalable is one of our fundamental values for both our network and our security engagements.

We can provide rapid scalability for customers because GCX’s backbone networks are supported by our own fibre footprint.

That means we deliver solutions from modest bandwidth internet access services, to multi-Terabit systems and Dark Fibre.

When data is made scalable, the fundamental benefit to our customers is about more than technical solutions. It’s about delivering peace of mind.


GNSX consolidates network and security services into a centralised platform, providing cost savings, flexibility, scalability, security, compliance, and seamless remote work management.

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GCX’s Network Underlays provide a flexible and reliable solution for global network co-management while optimising network performance and security.

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Maximise your network performance and security with GCX SD-WAN

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Equipping businesses with high-performance, low-latency connectivity to the internet with unparalleled route diversity, scalability and security.

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Built on a highly secure global network, our connectivity reaches over 90 countries with coverage across the Emerging Markets Corridor.

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Wavelength services are the backbone of the global telecommunications system, providing high-speed, dedicated bandwidth for businesses across the world.

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Why GCX?

We prioritize putting customers first, valuing our people, taking ownership, and driving growth through continuous investment in all aspects of our operations to deliver best-in-class networking solutions and services with a focus on improving the customer and user experience.