Email Security

An enterprise necessity in a connected world

Email remains a critical communication tool for organizations, but it is also a major target for cyber threats. GCX Email Security Service, powered by Cloudflare Area 1, is a cloud-native solution that identifies and blocks attacks before they reach user inboxes.

With deep integrations into Microsoft and Google environments, it enhances the built-in security of cloud email providers.

Effective Security Features

GCX Email Security Service offers robust protection against various advanced threats:


GCX takes email protection beyond traditional secure email gateways (SEGs) by enhancing cloud email provider security. Our service continuously and proactively crawls the web to discover new phishing campaigns and attacker infrastructure, pre-emptively detecting threats before they launch. With advanced detection techniques like NLU, NLP, and social graph analysis, we can stop the most sophisticated attacks, including brand new, highly targeted threats.

Cloud Architecture for Easy Deployment

GCX Email Security Service offers two setup architectures for deployment:

Browser Isolation for Email Links

GCX Email Security Service provides browser isolation for suspicious email links. By loading a remote browser on a server within our network and controlling user interactions, we isolate malware and phishing attempts, preventing them from infecting devices and compromising user identities.



GCX Email Security Service offers comprehensive protection against advanced threats, enhancing the security of cloud email providers. With proactive threat detection, advanced techniques, and browser isolation for email links, our service keeps your organization secure. Choose GCX for reliable email security and peace of mind.