Encrypted Traffic Analysis


Unlock advanced insights into your encrypted traffic communications with the GCX TLS Attack Surface Review, powered by Venari Security.

This exclusive offering meticulously analyzes and evaluates encryption usage across your entire infrastructure, providing clarity in data centres, private clouds, or specific targeted areas.

Elevate your security posture with this comprehensive cryptographic discovery tool to highlight the state of encryption used across your infrastructure.

What are the issues highlighted?

Organisations face a substantial challenge in safeguarding their investment in digital transformation. The widespread adoption of encryption, while enhancing security, introduces complexities as attackers increasingly exploit encryption to conceal their activities.

The challenge lies in gaining a comprehensive understanding of an organisation’s use of encryption across diverse environments, including cloud and third-party systems. Existing solutions often fall short, leaving a critical blind spot in the security landscape.

GCX’s Cryptographic Discovery Tool, powered by Venari Security, not only addresses encryption challenges but also provides unprecedented insights, ensuring a comprehensive overview of their encryption landscape.

Here are some examples of the risks found within organisations:

Identify old and out-of-date SSL/TLS versions and the associated infrastructure.

The use of deprecated or out-of-date protocols.

Vulnerabilities within specific encryption protocols.

The use of weak encryption.

Sessions that have negotiated null payload encryption.

Weak or vulnerable public key distribution.

Self-signed certificates used on production or other business-critical platforms.

Certificate expiry and long-life certificates that do not conform with standards.

Why you should take on this service?

Encouraged by the US Government and other regulatory bodies, organisations are now highly encouraged to conduct regular cryptographic assessments as a routine security hygiene practice.

Historically, assessing encrypted traffic across the enterprise infrastructure has been challenging but is now essential with the increasing use of encryption.

Don’t miss out on this essential step to enhance your compliance and security posture. Access your GCX TLS Attack Surface Review powered by Venari Security, and regain visibility over your infrastructure.