Employee Spotlight #6 – Sourish Kumar Pujari, “Exposure is far more important than experience”

In this edition of our Employee Spotlight, we are excited to feature Sourish Kumar Pujari, Associate Director of Network Service Assurance.

In this edition of our Employee Spotlight, we are excited to feature Sourish Kumar Pujari, Associate Director of Network Service Assurance. Sourish’s journey with GCX is a testament to his dedication and drive, from starting his career in telecom support to leading key initiatives at GCX. In his spotlight, Sourish shares insights into his background, what motivates him, his significant achievements, and his approach to overcoming challenges. He also reflects on the importance of teamwork, mentorship, and continuous learning in his professional growth.

Could you share some insights into your background and how you came to join GCX?

After my engineering graduation, I joined telecom company Bharti Airtel in New Delhi, India as a Contact Centre Level 1 associate. I was supporting a wide range of customers in the telecom & networking domain. I soon advanced to a dedicated team as a Level 2, to support premium global customers including BT and AT&T

After working there for almost 3 years, I left the organization as a Level 2 to join Reliance Globalcom (now GCX) as an Incident Manager for the EU-South Region.

Employee Spotlight at GCX, Sourish Kumar Pujari

Sourish Kumar Pujari, what motivates you in your role at GCX, and how do you maintain your inspiration?

Challenges motivate me to do things better, there is no end to learning here at GCX, if you keep your eyes wide open. You get to learn from people, processes, failures & from escalations to be honest. While no one likes to get an escalation, I believe I have learnt a lot from those challenging times.

My learning and effectiveness of my contribution inspires me. On the people front when I see my teams growing as better professionals, that works as a motivation as well.

Is there a specific project or achievement at GCX that you are particularly proud of?

Yes, I was glad to be a part of the pilot batch of the IM team back in 2011, where I got to process design a lot of things in order to support our customers better. When you get to model something right from scratch, which still holds a strong base, it gives me a sense of satisfaction. Thankfully during the journey I became Employee of the Year, as well as for few other quarters. I am very proud of all those.

Getting an opportunity to work with French customers on site, meeting prominent and challenging clients in person gave me a lot of confidence.

Now, having to lead Service Now Transformation from an Assurance perspective, again brings back memories of my IM pilot batch, where we could brainstorm & design a lot of the things step by step.

Sourish Kumar Pujari, how do you approach challenges and overcome obstacles in your work?

I see them as an opportunity. Challenges & obstacles do take their toll, though they are generally short term, but they pave the way for a long term exposure & an experience forever. I believe challenges are everywhere, but if the mindset is right, you will always focus on the things in your control & get better.

What role do your colleagues and team members play in your success at GCX?

They all play a major role in my career development, without even realizing it.

People who come from different professional backgrounds, maintain a healthy & competitive environment to contribute. Whatever I am today wouldn’t have been possible without their cooperation & support, especially for a team role. The stronger and more challenging team you have, the better you are.

Are there any mentors or individuals who have had a significant impact on your career here?

Yes, there are some individuals from the past.

At present, my manager Ramakrishnan Gopalan in particular has had a significant impact, he has always given me the freedom to think, execute, bear the consequences, learn from my mistakes and move on to become a better leader.

Sourish Kumar Pujari, how has your role evolved since joining GCX, and how have you grown as a professional?

I joined the organization as an Incident manager in 2011, as part of the pilot batch of IMs back then. I was the second IM in the team, allocated to handle a volume based European South Region, and had an opportunity in 2014 to work with on-site clients based in France. When I came back to India in 2017, I moved to an Operations Manager role. Since then I have been managing a wider client base, larger teams, I have executive interface and take on different operational challenges. That’s how my role has evolved so far.

What advice would you offer to new employees or those striving to excel in their careers at GCX?

I always believe that exposure is far more important than experience. An experienced individual for years having less exposure to challenges will not get better on their professional journey compared to someone having been exposed to diverse challenges. One thing for sure, at GCX you get enough exposure to hone your skills and excel in your domains. Make mistakes but learn from those.