The Future of Networking

Maximise your network performance and security with GCX SD-WAN. Our solutions offer centralised management and deployment, superior security, and optimised application control.

Our SD-WAN solutions help reduce operational costs and optimise resource usage, providing better utilisation of available bandwidth and delivering a strong connection between bandwidth and critical applications.

Flexibility is the backbone of our operations

GCX recognises that our customers have diverse networking needs. Whether you need a fully managed SD-WAN service or a DIY approach with flexible packaged services, GCX has got you covered. Our solutions come with multiple vendor options and circuit procurement and deployment services for a single global supplier relationship.

Effortlessly Improve Network Performance

Optimise application performance with priority availability across diverse access paths

Simple, centralised management with real-time analytics and control

Minimize security risk with integrated next-gen firewall and security features

SASE is compatible with flexible engagement options

Circuit procurement and deployment services available

The Benefits of Advanced Technical Capabilities

Purpose-built and ASIC-powered SD-WAN with thin edge and WAN Edge capabilities

Built-in next-gen firewall for a unified solution

Simplified centralised management with end-to-end visibility

Analytics and reporting for informed decision making

Network split management services available