Transform your Workplace Communication

Effective communication is critical to modern businesses, and with remote work becoming more prevalent, organizations are seeking better ways to facilitate voice collaboration. Microsoft Teams Phone and Zoom have become popular alternatives to traditional phone systems, but the cost of voice packages can be prohibitive. To address this issue, GCX has developed UCaaS Connect, a flexible and cost-effective solution for voice call packages integrated into Microsoft Teams Phone and Zoom.

Features of GCX UC Connect

Cloud Hosted
Centralized management, support for analog devices, and seamless integration with contact centers.
Subscription and consumption-based plans allow customers to adjust their spending without a committed contract.
GCX UC Connect simplifies the migration process and offers an automated activation process and dedicated voice support.
GCX UC Connect is built on Microsoft Azure to ensure Tier-D, ISO, SOC, HIPAA, EUMC, PIA, and GDPR compliance.
The GCX team has extensive expertise in telephony, cloud, voice, and communication solutions.

Subscription packages

Voice Connect:
Subscription inclusive of domestic usage and pay-per-use international calling usage.
Education Connect:
Subscription inclusive of domestic usage and pay-per-use international calling for Education, Not-for-profit and Government customers.
Enterprise Connect:
Subscription with pay-as-you-consume domestic as well as international calling usage.
Legacy Connect:
Seamless bridging of legacy telephony infrastructure into the modern collaboration experience of teams with legacy connect.
Service Number:
Service Numbers are a DID intended for use with Auto Attendants and Call Queues and include 5000 incoming pooled minutes per month.
Toll-Free Number:
Toll-Free Numbers are exclusively for inbound calls, and associated charges are billed to the end customer rather than the caller.

The smarter way to connect and collaborate globally

GCX UC Connect is a cloud-hosted infrastructure that offers scalability, resilience, and robust architecture. With Microsoft Teams Phone and Zoom native solutions, flexible packages, and 24/7 support, GCX UC Connect provides a secure and reliable solution for voice collaboration across a large global footprint. GCX’s team of expert consultants can assist with design concerns, OEM and OLO selection, deployment, and management to ensure that your business needs are met.