Employee Spotlight #5 – Haresh Talreja, “Driven by Passion, Empowered by Excellence”

In this edition of our Employee Spotlight, we are thrilled to feature a dedicated and dynamic professional, Haresh Talreja, whose journey with GCX exemplifies passion, growth, and excellence. From his early days in technical support to becoming an in-country Service Manager, his career path reflects a relentless pursuit of knowledge and a commitment to delivering exceptional customer service. His story is one of continuous learning, overcoming challenges, and drawing inspiration from both mentors and colleagues. Discover how his dedication to solving operational problems and enhancing customer interactions has driven him to excel and seek new opportunities within our organisation

Could you share some insights into your background and how you came to join GCX?

After graduating, driven by my passion for technology, I chose a role in technical support. This position allowed me to develop a broad understanding of IT infrastructure and motivated me to refine my skills in both customer and network management. Over the course of 12 years with multiple organizations, my journey ultimately led me to Global Cloud Xchange (GCX), where I got an opportunity to apply my expertise within a leading managed services organization.

What motivates you in your role at GCX, and how do you maintain your inspiration?

I enjoy handling customer interactions and solving operational problems. Each challenge is a chance to learn and grow, and every success motivates me to seek new opportunities.

Haresh Talreja, is there a specific project or achievement at GCX that you are particularly proud of?

When I was part of the Customer Advocacy team, most of our clients then had QoS configured on their routers. Whenever their users encountered issues, I enjoyed diving deep to diagnose the causes with my peers. Whether it was users spending excessive time online or high usage of certain applications or take our diagnosis to service providers for getting the issue resolved. These experiences not only addressed major faults but also taught me a lot about customer service and telco management. A process I am glad I went through as it has enabled me to reach where I am today.

How do you approach challenges and overcome obstacles in your work?

It is about keeping focus and you overcome obstacles sooner than you realise. I am fortunate to work alongside exceptional management and colleagues who genuinely value my efforts and provide unwavering support during challenging times.

What role do your colleagues and team members play in your success at GCX? 

Knowing that I can rely on my co-workers, all of whom I consider as friends, such as Anne KhanMandy DooleyChetan VaidyaDisha Dumbani & Mahesh Shukla for advice, feedback, and assistance when needed creates a safety net that allows me to strive for excellence.

Haresh Talreja, are there any mentors or individuals who have had a significant impact on your career here?

Throughout my career, I have had the privilege of being mentored by several remarkable individuals, here naming just a few such as Kuldeep Sharma, my tech guru, playing a key role in enhancing my technical skills. Vijesh Nair has given me the confidence to take on new challenges, while Steve Lovegrove has taught me valuable lessons in efficient customer management, account management and team collaboration. Additionally, a recent significant impact on my career has been the opportunity provided by Lorenzo Romano enabling me to relocate from Mumbai to Melbourne. 

How has your role evolved since joining GCX, and how have you grown as a professional?

Once again thanking my peers and colleagues for patiently being supportive for the past 10 years. In my GCX career, I had the opportunity to start with Customer Advocacy, which created a wonderful base that has inspired me to take on new challenges such as when an opportunity arose in the Service Management team, giving me greater visibility of various departments and their focus on Customer Excellence. Topping all by becoming an in-country Service Manager and entrusted by GCX to serve our important clients locally from down under.

Haresh Talreja, what advice would you offer to new employees or those striving to excel in their careers at GCX?

Keeping it simple and effective, focus on what you would expect personally when calling for support and follow the same path to provide your customer with delivering that service. This brings me great satisfaction every day. The second most important thing is continuous learning. Our online knowledge base is available and GCX encourages all employees to participate in various sessions offered online and training sessions run by our experienced colleagues.