Supply chain

Real-time visibility over your supply chain

The Evolving Supply Chain Sector

Over the past decade, the supply chain sector has experienced a significant technological revolution, driving innovation and serving as a major differentiator for most organizations. With the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, the industry has placed an even greater focus on supply chain resilience and its impact on both customer experience and revenues.

Moving forward, the sector will continue to see increased technology developments, such as the deployment of intra-logistics smart robotics, advanced analytics, and artificial intelligence. These new technologies are becoming more affordable for smaller organizations, driving more proactive solutions like the supply chain control tower and scenario planning. However, this digital transformation brings new challenges, such as balancing new data sets, increased third-party data interconnection, and protecting against an ever-increasing cyber security attack surface.

Inventory Visibility, Tracking, and Management

Inventory is the lifeblood of the supply chain sector. The ability to successfully understand, track, and control a business’s inventory is crucial to its success. Without real-time visibility into inventory at any given location, a business’s ability to maintain customer satisfaction is hampered. Additionally, supply chains must track and manage inventory from various locations, including manufacturers, warehouses, stores, concessions, or retail locations. This can be a difficult task, especially when these business systems may be owned and managed by different companies with differing compliance standards.

To address these challenges, supply chain organizations are migrating to cloud-based technologies that provide scalable real-time data, accessible to the entire organization, independent of location. These technologies include warehouse management systems and transport management systems. Companies are also turning to advanced analytics that brings together people, processes, and technology to optimize and make advanced forecasts about the supply chain by using algorithms that utilize both current and historical datasets. All of this requires reliable, diverse network connections from the facilities into the cloud and premium low-latency services to ensure 24×7 rapid access to the data.

Via our global footprint, GCX has a proven record of delivering cost-effective connectivity to any corner of the globe. We also deliver rapid connectivity for pop-up sites or new site builds via a readily available 4G and 5G connectivity solution that covers over 100 countries. Our UCaaS solutions help to empower call centers and workers on the move. Additionally, our dedicated global network delivers low latency connectivity to all major cloud platforms in all major regions 24×7.

Keeping the Supply Chain Moving

Sharing data across the supply chain enables higher levels of transparency in logistics. This transparency empowers consumers to make informed decisions about products while providing visibility for component producers, manufacturers, distributors, and retailers.

Additionally, a transferrable tracking system enables the supply chain industry to locate inventory at any point in the supply chain.
However, the integration and interdependence of the many separate companies within the supply chain can also increase the total attack surface, posing a significant risk of breach to the supply chain systems. A cyber attack on any part of the supply chain can disrupt all parts of the supply chain, leading to lost productivity, revenue, penalty payments, and reputation.

At GCX, we offer comprehensive supply chain security audits and professional service follow-ups to mitigate the risk of cyber attacks disrupting the supply chain. Our cybersecurity solutions are tailored to protect the interconnected systems of the entire supply chain. With our expertise, we can ensure that your supply chain remains secure and productive, even in the face of cyber threats.


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