Streamline Your Global Manufacturing Operations with GCX


Manufacturing is evolving rapidly, presenting new technology challenges. Digital transformation is accelerating due to various factors, including the need for uptime, skill shortages, aging workforce, supply chain resilience, and production line agility.

Manufacturers with high levels of digital maturity and a digital-first strategy that adopts end-to-end digital business models and uses data analytics have a greater chance of success. However, the increasing cyber-attack surface requires a strong technology partner like GCX to maintain a robust security posture.

Uptime is key

Maintaining production uptime is the number one KPI for manufacturers. To enhance uptime, manufacturers rely on data analytics, predictive maintenance, integrated inventory management, digital twinning, and scenario planning, which also pose security risks. As manufacturers increasingly rely on data processing, network connectivity becomes ever more crucial. GCX offers cost-effective, robust, diverse, and global manufacturing connectivity, along with security solutions to protect assets and maintain uptime.

Keeping the supply chain moving

Data plays a fundamental role in controlling the supply chain to maintain optimal uptime and avoid productivity losses. GCX provides global warehouse data connectivity and integrated contact center solutions across the supply chain, along with supply chain security audits and professional services to mitigate the risk of cyber attacks on partners in the chain.


Manufacturers face an increasing cyber-attack surface, with data breaches potentially leading to lost productivity, wasted materials, late delivery penalties, and negative supplier relations. GCX offers a suite of cybersecurity services, including pen testing, vulnerability assessments, virtual resources, detection and response solutions, and incident response services, to keep manufacturing processes up and running as much as possible.


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