Cloud x fusion

Secure and Predictable Cloud Connectivity

Connect to your Cloud applications using SLA-backed private MPLS, Ethernet or Hybrid WAN with Cloud X Fusion. GCX’s Cloud X Fusion ecosystem puts your public Cloud platform securely and seamlessly into the heart of your network.

Our multiple connections around the world into AWS, Azure, Alibaba Cloud and others provide global connectivity into the most popular public Clouds all backed by end-to-end performance guarantees.

Guaranteed Network Performance for Cloud Applications

With CLOUD X Fusion, you get guaranteed network performance when you connect to your Cloud applications using SLA-backed private MPLS, Ethernet or Hybrid WAN. Built on GCX’s vast private backbone network, CLOUD X Fusion makes Cloud applications perform more predictably and consistently than if they were connected to over the “best efforts” Internet – essential for application traffic transiting over long distances.

Maintain Compliance with Strict Regulations

Some countries operate under strict regulatory control, or have stringent data protection laws governing where data can be hosted and transported to or from. Because CLOUD X Fusion uses our private network to transport your Cloud traffic, you can rest assured that your enterprise can maintain compliance. The need for contentious and controlled encryption technologies such as IPSec is negated, and traffic routing is controlled and guaranteed across our private backbone.

Seamless Integration with Software-Defined Networks

CLOUD X Fusion is designed to work seamlessly with CLOUD X WAN, our own SD-WAN service. Integration of a Cloud platform into your CLOUD X WAN via CLOUD X Fusion is simple and seamless, meaning you can take full advantage of the agility and future-proofing offered by SD-WAN without compromising on your Cloud application performance and cybersecurity.