Managed Global VPN

Managed Global VPN for Secure and Scalable WAN Connectivity

Managed Global VPN from Global Cloud Xchange offers a reliable and secure enterprise WAN communication solution using a hybrid MPLS overlay network architecture. With Managed Global VPN, enterprises can enjoy secure, any-to-any connectivity on a global scale, with local and regional innovation and cost-efficiency.

The bandwidth is scalable with minimal service interruption and new sites and applications can be added seamlessly. Class of Services (CoS) feature provides a converged platform for data, voice, and video traffic, offering preferential treatment to high-priority traffic such as ERP applications, voice, and video.

Key highlights

Global IP VPN coverage in 220 countries through a resilient backbone and strategic partnerships with carriers

Highly scalable and secure WAN connectivity based on robust and hybrid MPLS Overlay Network architecture

End-to-end managed WAN service with secure connectivity, fully managed CPE routers, and 24×7 support

Wide choice of access options – Ethernet, xDSL, Leased line, wireless with connectivity into MPLS and Hybrid VPNs

Online portal for real-time performance management and reporting

Multicast & IPv6 support-ready network


Robust and Secure Service

High-performance WAN connectivity enables seamless connectivity between sites running business-critical applications, with the inherent network-based security of MPLS VPN

Highly Scalable and Manageable

Simplified network planning and manageability enabled by sites connecting to MPLS Cloud

Strong Presence

Connectivity options to over 220 countries in both the developed and developing world


Partial mesh and Hub-and-Spoke options; bundled choices for varied SLA requirements

Lower Total Cost of Ownership (TCO)

Highly cost-effective service with a wide choice of access media – Leased line, Ethernet, Wireless, DSL, and connectivity options – MPLS and Hybrid VPNs

Managed Services

Allows customers to redirect their key resources towards their core business activities

Solution features

Standard Service Bundles: MPLS VPN Service (RFC 4364) with pre-defined service bundles according to access, network, and CPE resiliency options

Class of Service: 6 Classes of Services with best-in-industry SLAs support for site Availability, Round Trip Delay (RTD), Packet Loss, and Jitter

Bandwidth Options: From 1 Mbps to 10 Gbps

Access and Interfaces Options: Leased line (SDH based) – E1, T1 (G.703, V.35), DS3, STM1/STM4 optical, EoSDH, Ethernet – Fast Ethernet, Gigabit Ethernet, 10G, xDSL, EFM, Wireless options available

Multicast and IPv6 Support: Supports Multicast applications and IPv6 addresses

Managed CPE services suite: CPE Supply, installation, and configuration

Proactive WAN monitoring, fault management, change management, and reporting with service delivered through a secure Web portal