Managed lan services

Managed lan services by global cloud xchange

Specialised in delivering comprehensive Managed LAN services that seamlessly integrate LAN and WAN technologies, enhancing network efficiency, security, and end-user performance. Our Managed LAN solutions aim to address the complexities of LAN management while delivering value-added benefits to our clients.


Managing LAN solutions can be complex and resource-intensive. GCX offers professional consultancy services to navigate these challenges, leveraging our expertise, vendor relationships, and streamlined technical and commercial management services.

Service Variants:

GCX provides two variants of LAN solutions:

Wired LAN:
High-performance managed LAN switches for network peripheral devices.

Wireless LAN:
Managed access points with robust security features for corporate and guest Wi-Fi networks.

GCX Approach

We differentiate ourselves by offering integrated WAN and LAN solutions, simplifying management and ensuring seamless policy application across networks.

Managed lan packages

Our packages include LAN Consultancy, Service Delivery, and Service Assurance, covering planning, hardware procurement, installation, and ongoing support.

Benefits of GCX Managed LAN Services:


Why Choose GCX?

At GCX, we are committed to delivering cutting-edge Managed LAN services to optimize your network infrastructure and drive business success.